Quienes somos:

Qtarima.com es una marca comercial creada por la empresa Global Desliz, S.A. especializada en la venta y distribución de suelos.

Qtarima.com ha sido creada en 2013 con dos objetivos fundamentales:

  • Promocionar y vender los productos que distribuye en todo el territorio nacional.
  • Crear y mantener nuevos puesto de trabajo.

Nuestro compromiso con el i+d+i es constante.

Convencidos de la importancia de la innovación, en Qtarima.com investigamos y desarrollamos las soluciones técnicas y económicas más adecuadas para nuestros clientes, gestionando de manera eficaz nuestro mayor "activo" el conocimiento.

Conscientes de ello, la empresa sigue una política de crecimiento cualitativo y cuantitativo con programas de formación continua e incorporación a la plantilla de nuevos integrantes para fomentar la polivalencia de nuestros técnicos.

Quality and environmental Policye

GLOBAL DESLIZ S.A. was funded in 2010. It started its activity as a company dedicated to the manufacture, sale and installation of wood’s carpentry, significantly increasing its offer of product/services and the frontline of its ac tivity progressively.

Nowadays, its work centre, which consists of a repair shop, a warehouse, a showcase and a customer service office , is situated in Nantes’ Industrial State, vial 7B Parcela 252, Sanxenxo, 36970 Pontevedra, and has as its main activity the manufacture, sale and installation of indoors carpentry and wood for outdoors, as well as the manufacture furniture made to measure.

Customers who demand the services and products of GLOBAL DESLIZ S.A. today include a wide range of sectors such as construction, carpentry and private building work, both at regional and national level.

GLOBAL DESLIZ S.A.’s management, in an effort to provide its customers with services that respond optimally to their needs as well as their expectations, and being at the same time respectful with the environment, bases its business policy on the following principles:

  • Provide the necessary means and resources and structure an organizational system that ensures the proper functioning of the System.
  • Ensure that the requirements of our customers are specified and meet, with the intention of increasing their satisfaction and achieving their loyalty.
  • Analyze and take into account environment’s criteria in the evaluation and decision process of investments.
  • Organize and achieve the constant control of our processes of quality management and environmental processes and promote the continuous improvement of the System.
  • Prevent pollution by trying to use economic resources efficiently, promoting the use of clean technologies and minimizing the production of waste, promoting recycling, recovery and reuse.
  • Guarantee the compliance of current legislation, regulations and standards applicable to our activities as well as any requirements that our company can subscribe to voluntarily or contractually.
  • Promote increasing sensitivity, awareness and training for our employees regarding all the quality and environmental requirements.
  • Ensure that this policy is made widely known and understood by all of our members of staff.
  • Revise the adequacy and efficiency of the system annually, and establish measurable goals and in line with this policy, consistent with the commitment to continuous improvement.

GLOBAL DESLIZ S.A.’S management recognizes that in order to achieve this commitment it is essential to promote the concepts of total quality, respect for the environment and continuous improvement of working conditions, in such a way that doing things well at first, with the least impact on the environment and in conditions of absolute safety is a goal of every person in this company, regardless of the work they do, becoming a collective task in which we must all engage.

The direction