About us:

Qtarima.com is a trademark created by the company Global Desliz S.A. specialized in the sale and distribution of land.

Qtarima.com has been created in 2017 with two fundamental objectives:

Promote and sell the products that it distributes throughout the national and international territory.
Create and maintain new jobs.
Our commitment to r & d & i is constant.

Convinced of the importance of innovation, at Qtarima.com we research and develop the most suitable technical and economic solutions for our clients, effectively managing our greatest "asset" of knowledge.

Aware of this, the company follows a policy of qualitative and quantitative growth with continuous training programs and incorporation of new members to the workforce to promote the versatility of our technicians.

Quality and Environment Policy

The scope of clients that demand the services and products of GLOBAL DESLIZ S.A. Today it encompasses a wide number of sectors, among which the construction, carpentry and private works both nationally and internationally stand out.

The management of GLOBAL DESLIZ S.A. In its desire to provide its clients with services that optimally respond to their needs and expectations, while being respectful of the environment, it bases its Management Policy on the following principles:

Provide the necessary means and resources and structure an organizational system that guarantees the proper functioning of the System.
Ensure that the requirements of our clients are determined and fulfilled, in order to increase their satisfaction and achieve their loyalty.
Analyze and take into account environmental criteria in the evaluation and investment decision.
Organize and achieve constant control of our Quality and Environment management processes and promote continuous improvement of the System.
Prevent pollution by seeking the efficient use of natural resources, promoting the use of clean technologies and minimizing the production of waste by promoting its recycling, recovery and reuse.
Ensure compliance with the Legislation, Regulation and Regulations applicable to our activities, as well as any other requirement that our company may sign on a voluntary or contractual basis.
Promote awareness, awareness and training of our employees on the requirements of Quality and Protection of the Environment.
Ensure that this policy is disclosed and understood by all of our staff.
Annually review the adequacy and effectiveness of the system and establish measurable objectives consistent with this policy, in accordance with the commitment to continuous improvement.
The Management of GLOBAL DESLIZ S.A. recognizes that to achieve this commitment it is essential to promote the concepts of total quality, respect for the environment and continuous improvement of working conditions, so that the standard of doing things right the first time, with the least impact on the environment and in conditions of maximum safety is an objective of every person in the Company, regardless of the task they perform, becoming a collective task in which we must all get involved.

The direction

The direction