Transportation and delivery

- Delivery

The goods will be delivered at street level, at the address designated by the sender, except in the absence of the recipient or that due to the weight, volume or nature of the property, delivery is not possible. In this case, and with prior notice, said delivery will be made at the destination service center. In the absence of the recipient, a notice will be left of the attempted delivery, as well as the way to agree on it. The charge for this will be the one established in the current rates.
A breach of the delivery period will not be considered that which is caused by the absence of the recipient; change of address; unknown address; lack of name, telephone and contact e-mail in private homes; non-payment of postage; supplies or refunds; closing for holidays; late deliveries on second delivery attempt; and causes of force majeure, fortuitous event or others not attributable to the Company.
It will be a necessary requirement to proceed with the delivery of the merchandise, the signature of the delivery note by the recipient.
In the event of the recipient's refusal to sign the delivery note, the Company will be exempt from all liability. Deliveries are not made to post office boxes.

- Delivery days

The provision of services will be carried out on working days and from Monday to Friday, except for the complementary delivery service, on Saturday.
In the temporary computation of the contracted service, holidays at the destination will be excluded.
The contractually agreed terms for the delivery of the freight are understood without prejudice to the delays that may be caused by reasons of force majeure or unforeseeable circumstances (storms, snow, roadblocks, strikes, paperwork or other actions of the Administration and / or Customs , delays of airlines and / or shipping companies, etc.)

- Weights and Measures

The maximum weight allowed per package is 50 Kg.
The maximum measurements allowed per package is 300cm, being the result of adding the three sides of the package (length + width + height).
The theoretical weight of the shipment will be invoiced as long as it is higher than the actual weight.
To find the theoretical weight, each side will be multiplied in meters (length x width x height) and the result will be multiplied by the volumetric coefficient cubic meter according to the type of traffic: Land 250, Air 167 and Maritime 333.

- Responsibilities in transportation

The maximum responsibility of the Company for the loss, misplacement, deterioration, theft or theft of the merchandise will be established in compliance with the responsibility required by the Land Transport Regulation Law 15/2009 (LOTT), compensating the customer in the event of a claim. for causes attributable to the Company, with 1/3 of the IPREM / day per kg damaged.
If the value of the shipment exceeds the liability, the Company offers the possibility of extending it (the conditions are available to the Client at the Company's facilities).
The Company will not be liable for indirect, consequential or incidental damages (including damages for lost profits, loss of income or profits, business interruption, loss of business information and the like) arising from loss, damage, delay, incorrect delivery or failure to deliver the shipment, even if the Company has been informed of the possibility of such damage.
In all matters not expressly provided for, the rules contained in Law 15/2009 on Land Transport Management (LOTT) will apply.

- International Terms of Service

All goods destined abroad are subject to the conditions and responsibilities set out in the International Legislation that regulates the Air Traffic of Goods (Warsaw Convention of October 1929, with the modifications of the Hague Protocol of September 28, 1995) .
The maximum liability for air transport will be 17.00 SDR (special drawing rights).
The contract for the international transport of goods by road is regulated in the CMR Convention, signed in Geneva on May 19, 1956 and ratified by Spain in 1974. The maximum responsibility for transport will be 8.33 SDR.

-Extension of Liability

With an increase of 8% on the value of the postage (minimum € 2.50), we offer you to extend the responsibility established in the Law of Land Transport Organization (LOTT) for damages, losses and / or breakdowns suffered by the goods during their transport up to € 16.00 / kg. transported and up to a maximum of € 1,200.00 per shipment.
Check other conditions at your ENVIALIA service center.

- Claim deadlines

In accordance with the provisions of Articles 366 and 952.2º of the Commercial Code, within 2 calendar days following receipt of the goods, a claim may be made against the Company for damage or breakdown thereof, unless the damage was evident at the time of acceptance